Free Courses

Several prestigious universities offer free online courses.

   ADVICE: Instead of taking remedial classes at your college, take them online for little or no cost.
           Providers of Free College Courses

(1)     Center for Online Education's Guide to Free Online Courses

(2)     University of the People - Free, accredited, 2-yr, 4-yr., MBA degrees 
           in Business Administration, Computer Science, Health Science. and Leadership       
         from Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, Yale. + Academic partnerships with UC-Berkeley and NYU.

(3) - Free online math classes: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics.

(4) - MIT, Harvard, U-California-Berkley, U-Texas - 7 million students - 1,000+ courses, academic credit

(5)     UDacity.comStanford University - 400,000 students - 18 courses

(6) - 62 University Partners - 3,352,319 students - 339 courses

(7)     Free Video Lectures: 1,000+ college courses & video lectures

(8)     Carnegie Mellon University - free self-paced courses that you can try anytime. 

(9)     Saylor University- 300+ Free courses for all. 

(10)   Marginal Revolution University (George Mason Univ.) - Free courses. 

(11)   The University of Wisconsin- Flexible Option Degree  (Study anywhere, test online @ UW for credit)

(12)   WizIQ MOOCs:  Vedic Math: Learn how to do math quickly with this mental math system.