Many students with math disorders must master understanding of statistical analysis of data to perform research and to intelligently assess and critique the quantitative claims of others.

Start with these great video overviews that explain the history of statistics, their utility, and the imperative to really understand the concepts behind the numbers we are led to believe.  

Take a free Statistics course and get a good illustrated Statistics book.

4 Levels of Measurement used in Statistics (free video): Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio

Joy of Stats documentary by Hans Rosling: (free)

TED Talks on Statistics (free)

A video statistics course for beginners: (free)

ALEKS Statistics online courses: (How to get started.)

For Stats Teachers- Advice from Univ. California-Irvine on How to Teach Stats to Different Types of Learners:

Online Stats Problem Solver:

Free Online Statistics Courses from Top Universities:

Statistics & Probability by Khan Academy