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(1) Dyscalculia Signs & Research by Dyscalculia.org 
     List of Video References: Authors, Experts, and Research

   (a)  Dyscalculia: The Signs  [11:38]

   (b)  Dyscalculia: The Signs  [short version, 3:57]

   (e) Dyscalculia is featured in a Netflix sports film, Amature. (4-13-2018).

(2) Emma King, Ph.D in Physics, University of Nottingham, struggles with basic arithmetic but can do high-order astrophysical calculations. 

Dr. Emma King struggles with arithmetic but not astrophysics!

(3) Learning How to Learn by Dr. Barbara Oakley (you can learn math, even if you flunked Algebra)

(4) Dyscalculia by Matthew Johns       What is dyscalculia? What are the characteristics? What does it look like? What can be done? 

Dyscalculia by Matthew Johns

(5) 2012 Slideshow on Dyscalculia Diagnosis & Report Writing for Specialists
Edge Hill University, UK

(6) Professor Brian Butterworth: What is Dyscalculia? (2012) University College London
An expert on cognitive neuropsychology speaks to us about his research on "dyslexia for numbers". 

(7) Dr. Horowitz talks about dyscalculia. (2012) National Center for Learning Disabilities. 

(8)  Prof. Daniel Ansari. (2009) Studies how children process numbers using powerful brain scanning technology. University of Western Ontario, Canada.

(9)  Professor Mahesh Sharma (2011) Cambridge College. Center for Teaching & Learning Mathematics.

(10) Stanislas Dehaene (2006-2009) [FRENCH] Sceren CNDP Séminaire National du 9 Mars 2006.  
Quel circuit cérébral mobilise-t-on pour lire? Présente les fonctionnements mentaux observés chez un lecteur. 

(11)  dyscalculie klokhuis. by Veldhuize

(12)  2013 Neurobiology of Learning Disorders with fMRI results (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD)
     by DyslexiaAdvantage.org  *PDF of slides

(13)  John Mighton (Jump Math) on the Ubiquitous Bell Curve

(14)  Dr. Steve Chinn's Math Visualization Videos: (2014)  https://www.mathsexplained.co.uk/
Chinn Video
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