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Most of these resources are from's -   Intro to Trigonometry and  Trigonometry  

You need to understand the Unit Circle and it's Quadrants 

Gradient or Slope of a line illustrated as change in y over change in x

     Gradient (Slope) of a Line Segment (Rise over Run, or the Change in y over the change in x)   

Artist's rendering of Unit Circle with Quadrants by         The Unit Circle as illustrated by University of South Florida.   

      are used to describe the Triangles formed by lines originating in the center of a circle. 

     Interactive unit circle showing the relationships between coordinates, quadrants, angles, and degrees of a circle.

Right Triangle showing hypotenuse, tangent, adjacent, and opposite.

     Sin, Cos, and Tan (Sine, Cosine, and Tangent)  and Inverse (opposite) Sin, Cos, and Tan

    TRIangles and Interactive Triangles (Equilateral, Isosceles, and Scalene)
     How triangles work  (sohcahtoa)   

     Triangular Solids: Pyramids 

     Vertex and Vertices and Vertices, Edges, and Faces   
Vertex, Edge, Face


      Normal or standard "bell" distribution curve