Research on Dyscalculia is going on all over the world. 
See the research subpages highlighting scientific findings on the causes of dyscalculia. 
If you have a dyscalculia study to publicize, email the details to be listed below. 

Ongoing studies accepting participants:

(1) Math Brain Project at Stanford University

(2) University of Wisconsin-Madison's (Dyscalculia & Neuroimaging) Educational Neuroscience Lab

(3) Vanderbilt University's  Cognitive & Educational Neuroscience Lab

(4) The Mind Research Network for Neurodiagnostic Discovery (New Mexico): Neurodevelopment.

(5) Philidelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine- School Psychology- Dr. James B. Hale

(6) University of Washington- School Psychology- Dr. Virginia Berninger

(8) INSERM-CEA Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit, Paris, France

(10) University College London - Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

(11) Institute for Math Learning (Germany)

(12) University of Missouri-Columbia, Dr. David Geary

(13) University of Virginia- School of Education - Dr. Daniel Berch

(15) University of Western Ontario - Numerical Cognition Laboratory (London, Ontario, Canada) - Dr. Daniel Ansari