LD Evaluation


Full evaluations are $2,100. (+travel, if required) US dollars and may include the following:

*For financial assistance [$1,200*], granted only for extreme hardship, email help@dyscalculia.org.

Assessment cost is greatly reduced if you had recent similar testing.

    • A comprehensive written report - View Sample Report
    • Deficit identification, diagnosis, prognosis & recommendations
    • Learning style identification & recommendations
    • Assistive Technology Assessment, AT Recommendations, AT Plan with Resources
    • Official letter of diagnosis
    • Identification of pertinent legal protections
    • Documentation meeting all federal, state and institutional requirements
    • Limited ongoing client email and text consultations
    • Email consultations with school officials


1. Contact Renee Newman, M.S., M.Ed., Educational Diagnostician, by email or call (313) 300-1901.

IQ and academic achievement tests are required.

2. Payment options:

    • Receipts are formatted for submission for reimbursement from insurance or flex med spending accounts.
    • In person by credit or debit card, or by check or cash.
    • By sending check or money order payable to:
        • "Dyscalculia.org": 7420 Calhoun Street, Dearborn, Michigan 48126 USA.
    • By PayPal e-invoice via e-check, EFT, PayPal, credit card, debit card, or PayPal 6-month financing.
    • E-payment: Amazon, Apple, Android, Google, Square, Venmo, etc.

3. Send copies of your complete* school record. *As complete as possible.

    • [CA60 School Record Request Form]
    • Dyscalculia.org, 7420 Calhoun Street, Dearborn, Michigan 48126 USA OR...
    • We recommend taking your documents to an office store and having them scanned to a PDF file and then emailed to testing@dyscalculia.org.
        • Include: Elementary, Secondary, and College records
        • Include results of all standardized intelligence & academic tests (examples: IQ, WISC-III, IOWA, CAT, MEAP, NEAP, ACT, SAT, PSAT, Compass, RE)

4. Standardized IQ and achievement tests may be ordered

    • Test results appear in written report
    • Looking for significant gaps between IQ and performance
    • Looking for pattern of strengths and weaknesses
    • Looking for performance indicative of learning disorders

5. Public elementary & secondary students should immediately:

    • Begin a formal journal to track process and progress.
    • Record details of every action, communication, and relevant student experience.
    • Print out the LD Checklist.
    • Complete the LD Checklist and make a copy for the school.
    • Compose a letter addressed to the school principal, requesting the student be tested for all areas of suspected disability indicated on the checklist.
    • After receiving the written request, or teacher referral, the school has 30 days to respond to the request and to schedule an assessment.
    • The assessment must be completed within 30 days of the scheduled date and
    • Must conclude with an IEPC (Individual Education Programming Committee) meeting, held at a convenient place and time for all participants.
    • Consult the US primer on Special Education Law & Process.


  1. Once all records are received and testing is completed, please allow 7-14 days for comprehensive review, analysis, and reporting.
  2. Reports with diagnostic summary are emailed as a PDF.
  3. School officials may email the evaluator regarding report, recommendations, accommodations, and education law compliance.
  4. Parents and students may email the evaluator for assistance at any time.