Cent = 100

count by 100 to thousand, 100 times 10 is ten hundred, 100 counted ten times is ten hundred. Ten hundred is also called one thousand
Cent means 100. 100 cents make one whole dollar. A century is a set of 100 years. First century means the first set of 100 years either BC (before Christ) or AD (anno Domini or after the year of the Lord / birth of Christ).

Cent means 100

Century is a period of 100 years.

First Century B. C., means the first set of 100 years Before Christ was born: 100 to 0.

The First Century A.D., means the first set of 100 years after Christ was born, called anno Domini (A.D.) for the year of our Lord: 0-100.

The Second Century A.D., means the second set of 100 years, or 100 to 200.

The year 1999 was in the Twentieth Century, because it fell within the 20th set of 100 years A.D.: comprising 1900 to 2000.

We are living in the Twenty-First Century because 2017 is in the 21st set of 100 years A.D.: comprising 2000 to 2100.

Centuries - More than one century or set of 100 years. Three centuries ago, means 3 sets of 100 years ago, or 300 years ago.

Centenarian - someone who is 100 years-old or more.

Centenary - consisting of a hundred; occurring every 100 years; centennial; group of 100; commemoration of event from 100 years ago.

Centennial - Associated with commemoration of an event 100 years ago; once in 100 years; lasting 100 years; 100th anniversary.

Cental - A weight of 100 pounds , also called a Hundredweight.

Centuple - hundredfold; to increase a hundredfold; times 100; x 100.

Hudredth or 1/100 or 1 of 100 equal parts.

1 Cent means 1 of 100 cents needed to make a whole U.S. dollar.

Centare - A measure of area, the hundredth part of an are; one square meter, or about 1/ square yards.

Centavos - Mexico, Brazil, & Portugal: money equal to one hundredth of the basic unit.

Centesimal - Hundredth; a hundredth part.

Centigrade - Consisting of 100 degrees; divided into 100 equal parts; centigrade thermometer.

Centile - a whole divided into 100 equal parts.

Also, Percentile - for each 100; or divided into 100 equal parts.

Centilitre - a metric unit of volume equal to one hundredth of a liter.

Centimeter - metric unit of length, equal to one hundredth of a meter.

Centipede - an insect thought to have 100 legs, but has an odd number of leg pairs ranging from 30 to 354.

Centum - Latin for 100.

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If you live to 100, you are a centenarian.

If you live to 100, you are a centenarian.

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