Voices 12 '18

Age 18: Texas, USA Never understood math concepts, and could not count successfully. Trouble with direction and time.

Age 10: Son has Dandy-Walker Variant & Segawa's Dystonia. He has an IEP with learning support. Grades are good but math standardized scores 1-2grade levels behind. Math homework is a struggle. Sign confusion, can't seem to memorize times tables, does not repeat the same steps used in previous problems. Short term memory concerns. Cannot follow multistep directions. Chronically late.

Age 30: I'm a high school teacher and was told by our RTLB (Resource Teacher: Learning and Support) that I have dyscalculia. From what I've read and understood online, I 100% have it and have dealt with it my entire life. I thought I'd give this test a go to see whether it correlated my anecdotal evidence.

Age 21: Math has always been a mental block for me, even simple and basic day to day mathematical tasks. Just keeping up with the mathematics level I am supposed to know at my age.

Age 21: I'm on the ASD spectrum, and am extremely high-functioning. Did not receive assessment until 18, and was not previously tested for any disability or disorder. I recently realized that the way I have to do mental math to get by in my college courses is not typical of someone with as much mathematics training as I have (I am good at higher level mathematics and logic, but my basic knowledge of numbers and ability to calculate simple things is awful).

Age 14: I’m always slow, I have difficulty with time management, keeping track of things, and I get lost easily.

Age 25: I want to go back to college, but I've struggled with mathematics at the most basic level, even as a child. I've always had the inability to understand and hold numbers in my mind. Most colleges require basic math courses to graduate, but even their most basic math is worlds above my capability; single-digit basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication are difficult enough, impossible without a calculator.

Age 26: I have always struggled with math but was never diagnosed with any math disability. The only thing I was diagnosed with test anxiety. But now that I am in graduate school and taking a teaching licensing exam that requires a math part I am beginning to think it is more than just anxiety. One of my math professors even though I might have some of these symptoms. I want to know if my difficulty with math is more than just test and math anxiety. It will help me while I continue my graduate school education.

Age 22: I have ADHD and have always struggled with math. I am trying to get my GED and have found that despite excelling in every other subject, I cannot seem to grasp math concepts and I have great anxiety when attempting to do even a ‘simple’ algebra equation. I desperately want to figure out if I am just bad at math and need to keep pushing myself or if there is something preventing me from learning it the way I should be able to. Figuring out if there is a reason I am so bad at math. I want my GED but can’t learn the math concepts well enough.

Age 21: Tend to find difficulties in reading the graphs and in some maths. I want to overcome with my math anxiety, to develop my math skills and also to strengthen my memory.

Age 51: I have been working on my MBA for the last few years. All previous education has been in humanities but my career has been as a manager for 20+ years with full p&l responsibilities. I can not grasp master's level accounting or finance. Have failed 3 times. These are my last 2 courses to complete an MBA. I have completed 7 successfully. I need help with cost accounting - how to break down big costs to units.

Age 17: I ask my daughter's principal about testing for dyscalculia. I'm surprised this disorder isn't more well known. My daughter has struggled with math since elementary school and was actually tested for a learning disability for reading in Kindergarten, but was never diagnosed with math issues, despite constant struggle with math! She recently found information about dsyscalculia and diagnosed herself. It will be interesting to get the test results. I hope the school can do it soon; she is applying to colleges right now and the only classes she has B's in are math courses, and her SAT math score is not great, but her English is almost perfect! I'm so thankful for your work in this under-represented area and I hope people become more aware of this disorder so kids can be diagnosed and helped!

Age 31: I have appalling maths skills, ADHD, and lack of concept of time and estimation.

Age 12: Child has extreme difficulty with math and paying attention during math lessons.

Age 22: I've never passed a math class in my life. I only passed high school because my math teachers passed me out of pity. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 16. I feel this definitely contributes to my issues with math but I also feel like I'm abnormally terrible at math. Math concepts just don't stick, no matter how hard or how many times they're explained to me. I often severely miscount money at work and I misread table numbers (I'm a server) frequently. For instance, I once read Table #32 when it was actually Table #27. I feel so stupid and when it comes to school, I get incredibly depressed. I'm now in community college and I'm required to take a math class for my basics. I tried to take a remedial math class my first semester but I made an F. I don't know what's wrong with me. I fear that I don't have dyscalculia and that I just have a low IQ and that maybe I'm not trying hard enough. I often feel hopeless. I want to go to school and get my masters in a STEM (not math related specific field) but I don't know if that's possible. I need help with understanding why I'm like this and what can be done in order for me to succeed in higher education.