Dyscalculia Research Centers

  1. Math Brain Project at Stanford University, California USA
  2. Florida State University - 2017 $8M Learning Disabilities - Florida Learning Disabilities Research Center - Dr. Richard Wagner, USA
  3. University of Missouri - Columbia, Dr. David Geary USA
  4. The Mind Research Network for Neurodiagnostic Discovery - New Mexico, USA
  5. University of Cincinnati - Dyscalculia Assessment, Ohio, USA
  6. Philidelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - School Psychology - Dr. James B. Hale, Pennsylvania, USA
  7. Vanderbilt University, Assessment Clinic + Numerical Brain Lab, Dr. Gavin Price, Tennessee, USA
  8. University of Virginia - School of Education - Dr. Daniel Berch, USA
  9. University of Washington- School Psychology - Dr. Virginia Berninger, USA
  10. University of Wisconsin-Madison's (Dyscalculia & Neuroimaging) Educational Neuroscience Lab, USA
  11. University of Melbourne- School of Psychological Sciences - Research Labs, Australia
  12. University of Western Ontario - Numerical Cognition Laboratory - Dr. Daniel Ansari, London, Ontario, Canada
  13. University College London - Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, England, UK
  14. University of Oxford Department of Experimental Psychology - Dr. Roi Cohen Kadosh - Dyscalculia Study, England, UK
  15. INSERM-CEA Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit, Paris, France
  16. Institute for Math Learning, Germany
  17. Department of Psychology - Dr. M. Kinga, Dyscalculia Researcher, Queen's University - Belfast, Ireland