Online Training Program

Unique Materials and Strategies

    1. Sessions can be daily, or 1 to 3 times per week.
    2. Sessions are typically 30-60 minutes [online meetings or on-site meetings].
    3. Students are expected to practice skills for 20 minutes per day.
    4. Start with a phone consultation or live meeting with parents, student, and or teachers. (List your questions beforehand.) Inquire by email.
    5. Methods, materials, and strategies are designed to mitigate and support typical dyscalculic deficits: visual-spatial, directional, sequential, memory, focus, procedural, retrieval, working memory, kinesthetic
    6. All teaching materials were developed by professionals with dyscalculia and have been used successfully with students with a wide range of abilities (IQ 50 to IQ 130).
    7. Online Learning Portal provides a curriculum map and a record of accomplishments.
    8. Instruction is tailored to student interests, talents, hobbies, academic plans, and career goals.
    9. Instruction aims to cure the student's most significant problems while establishing a strong foundation for independent living and learning.
    10. Therapy is informed by a student's diagnostic reports and historical information.
    11. Scope and Sequence of Math Language Therapy
    12. Student learning dictates pacing and progression.


    1. In a few sessions, the student will be able to count to 100-septillion and will be able to interpret and encode very large and very small numbers. Example: The student will be able to understand the meaning of and will be able to write the number in this headline: "The asteroid contains diamonds worth 26.784 septillion dollars."
    2. Math Language Fluency is the ability to understand and decode and encode numbers in the news, school, in science, and everyday life (mills in property taxes, "a .7 mill tax hike", discounts, interest, taxes, penalties, debit, credit, rate, percentage, point 5, 1.2 million, fractions, etc.). Language fluency is very powerful and is the foundation for independent learning.
    3. Our sessions do not cover algebra, per se, but cover foundational concepts that form a framework for higher learning.
    4. New confidence and skills.


1. Use PayPal Credit to take 6 months to pay for any service without interest.

    1. People usually seek reimbursement for therapy through their health spending accounts. We are happy to complete any forms required and can provide documentation in the format that your program requires. Of course, we cannot guarantee reimbursement.
    2. If instruction is not effective, we promptly inform you with specific advice on next steps, and will promptly refund advance payments.
    3. Regular Therapy Sessions: $200/hour