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Dr. Edward M. Hubbard
(Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Dr. Edward Hubbard


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(Stanford, California, USA)

Dr. Vinon Menon, Stanford University
Principal Investigator

MathBrain Project Goals: "(1) to better understand the normal development of mathematical skills, (2) to understand the neural basis of dyscalculia and mathematical difficulties, and (3) develop brain-based methods and evidence to help improve mathematical skills in individuals with dyscalculia and specific learning disabilities."


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(St. Paul, Minnesota, USA)
1+ (612) 624-2928

Michelle Mazzocco, Univ. of Minnesota, St. Paul



 Dr. Gavin R. Price
(Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

Dr. Gavin Price

"The CEN Lab, at Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, uses behavioral and brain imaging methods to investigate how the human brain represents and processes numerical information, and how those processes support the learning of arithmetic and mathematical skills."
Dr. Gavin R Price's website @ Vanderbilt

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Vanderbilt University 

Dr. Brad B. Hale
(Victoria, BC, Canada)


Dr. Virginia Berninger
(Seattle, Washington, USA)

Professor Virginia Berninger, U Washington, Seattle
(p. 1422-1622). 
User's Guide

 Stanislas Dehaene
(Paris, France)

The Number Race (remedial software)

Margaret Delazer
(Innsbruck, Austria)
Margaret Delazer


Ladislav Kosc, Ph.D.


A clinical psychologist, senior researcher and head of the Department of Child Pathopsychology in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia.
Mahesh Sharma
(Massachusetts, USA)
Professor, Author

Math Notebook (Journal)
FOCUS on Learning Disabilities
in Mathematics (Journal)


Cambridge College 
Shad Moraif
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)
(London, England)
Psychologist, Author, Professor

CLSO Math 
Learning Disabilities Association
 Dr. Stephen Chinn

- 30 chapters by global experts, 2014.

 Dr. Brian Butterworth
 (London, England)

+61 3 8344 6377
Cognitive Neuroscientist

Number Games  (NATURE 2013)
Number Sense (PC Games, APPS)

Institute of Education- London
 Tony Attwood

Dyscalculia in Schools

Methods of Teaching...Dyscalculia


 Paul D. Nolting, Ph.D.
(Florida, USA)

Worksheets Plus: Bk 1 - Number System
Worksheets Plus: Book 2 - Calculations

Univ. of S. Florida
Florida Gulf Coast
 Alfredo Ardila,
Ph.D., ABPN. 

(Florida, USA)
Communication Sciences & Disorders 

On the evolution of calculation abilities. Front Evol Neurosci. 2010.
Gender...correlates of math skills in school-aged... Child Neuropsychol. 2009 May 15. Memory abilities ... subtypes of dyscalculia. Dev Neuropsychol. 2006. Dysexecutive agraphia... Neurosci. 2006 May.
Department of 
Communication Sciences & Disorders 
(Virginia, USA)

(Auckland, New Zealand) 

Anna Wilson, Education Neuroscientist in New Zealand, Dyscalculia Researcher

(remedial software)

Univ. of Auckland

Paris, France
 David C. Geary
(Missouri, USA)

Campus News: 10-12-18
Dr. Josef Gerstmann 
(New York, USA)
Austrian-born American 
First used term  “dyscalculia” in 1940's.

New York Academy of Medicine

 Sheldon H. Horowitz, Ed.D

Dr. Sheldon Horowitz

Dr? Sheldon Horowitz's website

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Renee M. Hamilton-Newman
M.S.-Sp.Ed., M.Ed-ISD
(Michigan, USA)


(Ontario, Canada)
Prof. Dev. Cognitive Neuroscience

With Gavin R. Price

Univ. of Sussex
Univ. of Oxford Univ. College London
(Toronto, Canada)

JUMP: (Jr. Undisc. Math Prodigies)
Playwright: 3 Gov. General Awards

 Dr. Michael Wehrmann
Dr. Michael Wehrmann (Germany)
Wissenschaftliche Leitung
05 31 - 12 16 77 50
Promotion an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
über das am IML umgesetzte Forschungsthema
Dr. Wehrmann's Website

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 Dr. Nancy Jordan
University of Delaware

Dr. Nancy Jordan, Ed.D., University of Deleware, Author of Number Sense Screener for Kindergarten and First Graders.

Number Sense Screener Guide K-1, Res. Ed.
 Number Sense Screener Stimulis (Res. Ed.)
Number Sense Screener Record Sheets
Number Sense Screener Quick Script
Number Sense Interventions
Number Sense Screener Set (Res. Ed.)
Number Sense Screener User Guide
Number Sense Screener Research Set

 University of Deleware
College of Education
and Human Development

Center for Improving
Learning of Fractions

National Research Council Early Childhood Mathematics