Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

Many brain problems result in learning inefficiencies.  A collection of symptoms that often occur together form a syndrome.  Syndromes are given terms and are studied by scientists and educators.  Usually, not everyone in every field of study agrees on the same definitions, terms, and group of symptoms that are used to describe a syndrome. In fact, the terms, definitions, causes, symptoms, and treatments frequently differ among  fields of study or thought:  education, law, and science. Even within a field, definitions and terms differ (ex. neurology, neuropsychology, psychology, educational psychology, etc.).  Don't let one professional's  lack of confidence or experience with a syndrome or term, dissuade you from obtaining the help that you need.  Keep searching until you find an aqequately informed and experienced expert in a given syndrome so that you can get properly assessed, diagnosed and treated.  The terms learning disorder and learning disability and learning difficulty are frequently interchanged. People can have symptoms from several different syndromes.  

Below are common syndromes that pose barriers to learning:

(1). Dyscalculia:  AKA Math Learning Disability (MLD);  LD-Math; Specific Learning Disability in Mathematics; Acalculia; Developmental    Dyscalculia; Numerical Impairment;  Gerstmann Syndrome;  math anxiety;  and number blindness;  Non-verbl Learning Disability (NLD).

(2). Dyslexia: AKA Word Blindness; Reading Disability;  Specific Learning Diability in Reading, Writing and Spelling.

(3). Dysgraphia (penmanship / handwriting disability):  AKA Specific Learning Disability in handwriting or penmanship. 

(4). Auditory Processing Disorder:  (APD),  Specific Learning Disbility with impairment in listening 
                                                   (not the result of a hearing impairment). 

(5). Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 

(8). Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) or Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

(9). Dyspraxia (Developmental Coordination Disorder, DCD)