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Dyscalculia-Competent Advisor Certificate


DCCA. Learn what advisors can do to greatly increase graduation outcomes for weak math students. Learn all about math learning disability, AKA Dyscalculia, and math learning disorder.  Brain anomalies account for severe difficulties with identification of quantity; visual-spatial processing; counting; math working-memory; short-term and long-term memory for math symbols, facts and procedures; directional ambiguity; and impaired awareness of time.  Over 6% of students show signs of Math Disability.

Mini-Course Goal:  The goal of the DCCA course is to expediently train college advisors in the identification, research, and best practices for advising weak math students, in order to greatly improve graduation rates for the MLD. 

Through this Mini-Course you will: 

(1) Know what Dyscalculia (math learning disability) is and how to spot it in student records and work. 

(2) Confidently refer weak math students for an MLD Evaluation. 

(3) Know when and how to obtain math course waivers and substitutions. 

(4) Know when and how to institute pass-fail grading in remedial math classes. 

(5) Know when and how to implement assistive technology and reasonable accommodations for MLD students. 

 (6) Know how to use free tools to screen for Dyscalculia and to advise MLD students. 

 (7) Know of the brain basis of MLD and the extent of current global research on Dyscalculia. 

 (8) Willingly and confidently share your new MLD knowledge and tools with colleagues, students and friends. 

Estimated time to complete this mini-course:  30 minutes.