LEARNER analysis:

Staff need to know that content and messages are sanctioned by the university administrators and board of regents. 

Staff need assurances that decisions for MLD students, course waivers, substitutions, and accommodations are approved of by the university authorities and will not result in unfavorable repercussions for the staff, or the university.  


A video message from the university president at the start of the training encouraging participants to learn all they can in the course and apply the knowledge in the spirit of the mission of the university to "make a top quality higher education available to any student willing to apply himself to the task" or whatever the mission statement says....

A statement by the university president endorsing the university's intention to proactively adhere to the disability laws in spirit and practice in order to facilitate the advancement of talented and motivated individuals to achieve their dreams and potentials. Highlight examples of successful graduates with LDs. 

Video interviews and movie clips of successful People with LDs.