Place Value Chart & Money Set - $130

Includes: Write-wipe place value chart and 200 bills (10 of each of 20 denominations)


Recommended minimum of 6 hours. 1 hour per week with 20 minutes per day of independent practice teaching others.  Therapy is $225, paid prior to each session. No contracts. Pay as you go.  Flexible scheduling. 


Please have on hand: COINS (4 half-dollars, 8 quarters, 15 dimes, 25 nickels, 115 pennies. MARKERS: Wet-erase (black, red, purple, blue, orange, brown, green).  ERASABLE 1.0 mm GEL PENS: Pilot multicolor.  LINED & GRAPH PAPER.

Video Meeting Setup

You will need two devices:

(1) On device #1 (laptop, tablet, PC) PASTE meeting link into browser and JOIN with camera and mic ON.

       After joining with device #2, check to see that both camera views are in the meeting.

(2) On a 2nd device (phone, tablet, or document camera-connected device):

      Prop up the device to point down and view the whole desk area.

      On your #2 device, paste the meeting URL into a browser. 

      When Google Meet opens, MUTE the MIC, then

       Click JOIN MEETING.

       Reposition the #2 device so that the camera is viewing the desktop.

       Return to device #1 to participate in the meeting.