The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia, a movie by James Redford (2013) 

Dislecksia: The Movie by Captured Time Productions, LLC (2012)

Embracing Dyslexia, a documentary by Noisemaker Films (2013) 50:13

The Dyslexia Dilemma: RAD Lenses improve reading ability by Kentucky Educational Television (2007)

Stephen Spielberg discusses his Dyslexia (2012) 10:33

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines & Companies (2007) 26:08. TED Talk about his dyslexia

Journey into Dyslexia, an HBO documentary (2011)  1:17:00 

Like Stars on Earth  by Aamir Khan (2007) 

Brain Pop Dyslexia Movie (animated)

Headstrong Nation: Inside the Hidden World of Dyslexia 26:47

Dyslexia Unbound, a 15-minute film by students at University of Oxford

Left from Write: What is Dyslexia 45:00