Voices Jan. 2019

Age 7: Gifted in reading, average in math- 2nd grader in public school. Can we get help in math? 

Age 8: 3rd grader struggling a bit with math. Helping with homework, have noticed a disconnect between her grasp of concepts and her ability to operationalize the math processes necessary to get an answer, especially under pressure of time. I think she has dyscalculia, based on my own research. Would like professional assistance in diagnosis, if applicable, and a plan for assistance and support. 

Age 9: Difficulty remembering things she already knows but forgets under pressure. How to help her?

Age 9: My daughter is having trouble memorizing with facts, direction, clocks, speed, etc. I need help with identifying the above traits to bring to our Neuropsych for further evaluation. The first evaluation didn't seem to cover these things. 

Age 9: My daughter struggles w/concepts of subtraction, time, money. I need help determining why my daughter struggles in Math.

Age 11: I am the school psychologist conduting an assessment on an 11 y-o. I need to know how to diagnose dyscalculia.

Age 12: I can't do any math. I need help with everything.

Age 15: Struggling with basic high school math at 1 year behind. How to get a diagnosis?

Age 16: My son has trouble with math and gets numbers confused. How can I help him?

Age 17: I am the parent of a child who frequently reverses the order of her numbers. We would like to understand what she is experiencing, better, so we can support her effectively throughout her Year 12. How can we help with not reversing numbers and improve mental math capability?

Age 17: I'm having difficulty in advanced algebra and have many of these symptoms. I need help with retaining basic skills and minimizing errors.

Age 19: I can't retain information and struggle with multiples of 9.  I need help with retention of concepts and formulas and multiples of 9.

Age 19: Math is my absolute weakest subject. It stresses me out so much to the point where I get a headache. I dont remember math formulas whenever I do tests or homework. My mind just goes completely blank. I dont know how to overcome it.  I guess I'm cursed.

Age 20: I struggle with some mental math.  I feel like i get my numbers jumbled.

Age 27: Im a college student, presently in remedial math; Very high reading & writing scores on entrance exam (97 & 99) , very low math scores (21 & 24). Can spend hours going over the problems alone and with help, will eventually get 100 however can test 20 hours later and will end up with a 50. Best way to describe it is it just doesn’t click and stay no matter what I do or what way I have it explained. Can do basic math addition, subtraction, easy multiplication, easy division. Geometry I can logically reason out the wrong answers from multiple choice and find repeated patterns. I need help with Dyscalculia suspicions, finding affordable testing, what in general do I do /how to handle my college, what can I do (accommodation wise) so I can keep continuing my learning and not be dropped because of poor math grades. 

Age 30: I have felt like I have a math disability my whole life. I need to find out if I have a math learning disability and hopefully receive some help in my last two math college classes. 

Age 32: I suck at math at my job and I'm late all the time and I can't read a clock. I'm responsible for budgets at work. 

Age 34: College student who struggles with basic math. I need help with Chemistry and Math.

Age 38: I suspect I have dyscalculia, as I have many of these symptoms. How can I get a diagnosis?

Age 43: I am 43 and I have not been able to pass GCSE maths due to these problems. I would like to know what can I do I already have dyslexia diagnosis. 

Age 43: Mixing up numbers of hospital rooms or birthdates. I need help with lots of things.

Age 49: I am a graduate student with many of these symptoms. How do I get a diagnosis?

Age 57: I'm trying to finish Statistics for Psychology degree and just found out about this disorder. I have been bad at math all my life. I need to get a dyscalculia diagnosis.

Age 74:  I want to stop self-blaming. Why am I like this?