A Math Look Dyscalculia Remediation Program

10 Digits

Patterns to 10

Trade 10

Equivalent Fractions modeled with US Coins

Model with Money

Place Value With Money 10,000 + 5,000 +100 + 20 + 5

Remedial Training

Goal: The goal of dyscalculia therapy, is to turn a victim of dyscalculia into a powerful master of the language of mathematics, fluid in logical reasoning, problem-solving, and the efficient decoding, translation, processing, and encoding of quantitative information. 

Dyscalculia.org offers training for teachers, administrators, parents, and individuals.  

(Live or Live Online)

How it Works

With each session, students demonstrate mastery of new concepts and skills. 

Training Scope

           Experience and understand numbers from 

          100-Quadrillion (Peta-) to 100-Quadrillionth (femto-)


Color-coded, with words, prefixes, International Symbol (SI), SI prefix, powers of 10, prime factorization, conversions and equivalencies, and relationships. 


If interested in remedial training, call or text 1+ (313) 300-1901 or email.


A Math Look (Trade Mark) Dyscalculia Remediation Program Place Value Chart




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