Assistive Tech

Apple  iPAD


iPad   The greatest tech tool for learning math for those with math learning disability is the iPad with pencil. No other tablet offers as many learning apps. You will find limited math apps for Android. One drawback of the Apple is the lack of Java support for apps and websites using Java and Flash; however, there are workarounds for these limitations. 

Microsoft's Learning Tools  

In October 2017, Microsoft enabled its Learning Tools capabilities in Word for iPad

Read Aloud reads text aloud while highlighting words. Mobile View can be used to change the background color, line length, and character spacing. 

Open Up Resources, a nonprofit focused on Open Educational Resources (OER) coursework. The program supplies teachers with a free mathematics curriculum developed by Illustrative Mathematics that can be managed in OneNote.

MATH IS is an exceptional resource for math illustrations, explanations, and interactive tools.

TECH LENDING LIBRARIES       You will find assistive technology services in every state. Many states have lending libraries of equipment and software for those with a full spectrum of disabilities (including learning disabilities). For example, below is a list of AT for LD students from Mich. AT Lending Library.

Recommendations for DYSLEXIA & MATH LD on LOAN from the Michigan Assistive Technology Lending Library:

(1) Dragon Naturally Speaking: Voice to Text software

(2) Quicktionary Reading Pen: scans, reads, & defines 400,000 words

(3) Samsung Q1P Vista Ultra Mobile PC

(4) StudyWiz Reading Improvement

(5) Phonics Software by Don Johnson

(6) Solo Literacy Suite: Reading, Writing, Planning, Organizing, Revising, Editing

(7) Reading for Meaning by Tom Schneider

(8) Neighborhood Map Machine: Create, Explore, Print Maps (Geography)

(9) Basic Word Concepts

(10) Auditory Processing: Basic Letter Skills for Reading

(11) Auditory Processing:: Earobics Step 1 (Auditory Processing & Reading) [Earobics is not recommended- due to pronunciation.]

(12) Auditory Processing:: Earobics Step 2 (Auditory Processing & Reading) [FastForWord is the preferred APD remedial program.]

(13) EdMark Reading Level 2 (Whole Word)

(14) Classmate Reader: Portable Audiobook Reader

(15) Aspire E-reader: Reads websites, audiobooks, takes notes, converts Daisy reader files

(16) Auditory Processing:: Earobics Home Step 1

(17) LoTTIE Kit for Literacy

(18) MATH: Remedial Software: The Number Race

(18) MATH Talk Scientific Notebook 5.5 Converts speech into math and solves

(19) Math Kit (Hands-on and CD tools)

(20) Fast Math: Basic Math Facts: Add, btract, Multiply, Divide

(21) Math Edit (Creates Math on E-paper)

(22) Math Mysteries: Fractions

(23) MathPad for PC/MAC

Speech-to-Text Tools

TextHelp - advanced Text-to-Speeh tool that works with

Read&Write, Equatio, FluencyTutor, BrowseAloud and their newest Speecstream.