CDSP Course


College Disability Services Personnel Course (CDSP 101) 2 CEUs

DESCRIPTION: Dyscalculia Competencies for College Disability Services Personnel, provides a STANDARD for comprehensive understanding of math learning disability and authoritative guidance on: disability identification and terminology; causes, research and neuroscience; pertinent law and institutional compliance; student rights and responsibilities; diagnosis and documentation; course waivers and substitutions; math course placement and academic / occupational advising; assistive technology and accommodations; prognosis and remediation; and learner and instructor support and resources. 

OUTCOMES: Disability Services Personnel (DSP) will competently and expediently handle students presenting to the college with Math Learning Disability through proficient use of the guidance tools on which outline protocol for advising; evaluating documentation; establishing accommodations and assistive technology; processing course waivers and course substitutions; facilitating  Pass-Fail courses and alternative course formats; and facilitating learner and instructor communications and supports.