Substitution & Waiver Guide

Ways to Meet Quantitative Reasoning Requirements

Many colleges have programs or classes for non-math, or non-science majors to satisfy their quantitative reasoning GER (General Education Requirements) requirements. Some programs are listed below.

(1) Math Course Substitutions (2006)

from the University of Mary Washington.

(2) Math Course Waivers Best Practices (2008)

from the Association of Higher Education and Disability- Utah (Utah-AHEAD).

(3) Stanford University: Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

[free MOOC] by Dr. Kevin Devlin (Devlin's page)

(4) Princeton University: Math 198

Useful Fictions: How and why mathematics is developed and then changes the world.

(5) University of California - Berkley.

How to satisfy the Quantitative Reasoning Requirements.

(6) Yale University's list of courses (without prerequisites)

that satisfy the QR requirements.

(7) The ADAA Law - basis for course waivers and substitutions