Full evaluations are $2,255. (+travel, if required)

    • Use PayPal Credit: 6 months to pay, with no interest.

and may include the following:

    • Cognitive and academic achievement testing
    • A comprehensive written report - View Sample Report
    • Deficit identification, diagnosis, prognosis & recommendations
    • Learning style identification & recommendations
    • Assistive Technology Assessment, AT Recommendations, AT Plan with Resources
    • Official letter of diagnosis
    • Identification of pertinent legal protections
    • Documentation meeting all federal, state and institutional requirements
    • Limited ongoing client email and text consultations
    • Email consultations with school officials


1. Email Renee Newman, M.S., M.Ed., Educational Diagnostician, or call (313) 300-1901.

IQ and academic achievement tests

2. Payment options:

    • Receipts are formatted for submission for reimbursement from insurance or flex med spending accounts.
    • In person by credit or debit card, or by check or cash.
    • By mailing check or money order payable to "Dyscalculia.org".
    • By PayPal e-invoice via e-check, EFT, PayPal, credit card, debit card, or PayPal Credit (6-month no-interest financing).
    • E-payment: Amazon, Apple, Android, Google, Square, Venmo, etc. to 3133001901.

3. Send copies of your complete* school record. *As complete as possible.

    • [CA60 School Record Request
    • We recommend taking your documents to an office store and having them scanned to a PDF file and then emailed to testing@dyscalculia.org.
        • Include: Elementary, Secondary, and College records
        • Include results of all standardized intelligence & academic tests (examples: IQ, WISC-III, IOWA, CAT, MEAP, NEAP, ACT, SAT, PSAT, Compass, RE)

4. Standardized IQ and achievement tests may be ordered

    • Test results appear in written report
    • Looking for significant gaps between IQ and performance
    • Looking for pattern of strengths and weaknesses
    • Looking for performance indicative of learning disorders

5. Public K-12 students should immediately:

    • Begin a formal journal to track testing process and progress.
    • Print out the results of the Learning Disabilities and Dyscalculia Checklists.
    • Compose a letter addressed to the school principal
    • Attach the PDF results of 2 checklists
    • And request that the student be tested for learning disabilities, with the expectation that all areas of suspected disability indicated on the checklists will be investigated and discussed in the report.
    • After receiving the written request, or teacher referral, the school has 30 days to respond to the request and to schedule a free assessment.
    • The assessment must be completed within 30 days of the scheduled date and
    • Must conclude with an IEPC (Individual Education Programming Committee) meeting, held at a convenient place and time for all participants.
    • Consult Special Education Law & Process.
    • The school district will only pay for an independent assessment for Learning Disabilities, after you disagree with their findings and request an independent second opinion at their expense. Timeline: 30 days to schedule + 30 days to test and report + 1 week to disagree + 1 week to schedule independent test 1 week to test + 2 weeks to report = 3 months.
    • Some parents elect to skip free school testing, and directly seek testing through a university hospital, LD specialist, or Dyscalculia.org.
    • Parents prepay Dyscalculia.org for testing and seek reimbursement from the school district. It is recommended that parents use PayPal Credit (6 months without interest), so they have no money out while awaiting reimbursement.


  1. Testing takes 4-5 hours (can be split up).
  2. Once all records are received and testing is completed, please allow 7-14 days for comprehensive review, analysis, and reporting.
  3. Reports with diagnostic summary are provided as a PDF.
  4. School officials may email the evaluator regarding the report, recommendations, accommodations, and legal compliance.
  5. Parents and students may email the evaluator for assistance at any time.