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Key Structural Ingredients

Key Pedagogical Ingredients 

Key pedagogical ingredients are more difficult to achieve in the classroom. Sound pedagogy means quality lessons. Through well-planned and well-executed lessons, a teacher makes quality a reality. Pedagogical elements: 

Each unit of a mathematics lesson has clear objectives: the concepts, skills, language, procedures, and level and form of mastery. 

The purpose of each lesson is to consolidate previous learning, introduce new concepts, make connections, and help students become independent learners of mathematics.

The goal of each mathematics lesson is to help students to think mathematically, to look for patterns, discover ideas, and apply skills. Then and only then, do students acquire understanding of concepts and achieve mastery in skills and procedures.  

In a results-oriented math classroom, students are engaged in true mathematics learning.  In such a classroom, several vital components are involved simultaneously. They include:


The results of this type of instruction can be seen in the development of:

A classroom with these outcomes is result-oriented.  In result-oriented mathematics classrooms, the students exhibit mathematics competence and show interest for mathematics.  

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