Aaron Doyle, University of Cincinnati in Ohio, USA

November 29, 2018

Aaron Doyle has dyscalculia and seeks a waiver for College Algebra from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, USA. Aaron has satisfied all graduation requirements but is unable to pass remedial math courses in spite of intensive tutoring and supports. Aaron completed a course substitution and is awaiting waiver from the Math Dean. You can reach Aaron at aaron.doyle@dyscalculia.org. Aaron's resume appears below his story.

Hello! My name is Aaron Doyle. I am currently a fourth-year student at the University of Cincinnati. I am studying Rhetoric and Professional Writing. I love my major because it has given me numerous skills including web design, social media content writing, journalism, and desktop publishing. It has opened my eyes to how many opportunities there are to make a career in the writing world! I developed a strong love of writing from a very early age. In kindergarten, at age 5, my teacher assigned us to create a six-page short story picture book. I created mine, which was about the famous movie alien, E.T., visiting Maryville, Tennessee, which was my home at the time when I was a kid. Everyone else created their stories and we all shared in front of the class. I, however, remained hooked on creating stories from that moment forward. I was hooked on creating short picture books. At such a young age, the stories I created may have not made that much sense and the pictures may have not been exceptional, but the passion was strong. I continued writing throughout my entire childhood, eventually diving into drawing comics. I created a character named Uma, who was a 9-year-old girl with a diva personality who attempted to become a famous star. I also created a comic about a character named Billy Hill and his adventures as a country musician.

Around the age of 7, my father and younger sister passed away in a car accident and my mother and I moved away from Tennessee and back to Ohio where all of our family was. Rather than stopping my writing, I actually continued writing more than ever. I feel this is one of the things that helped me get through the pain and loneliness after losing my sister, who was my best friend.

As I got older, I began to question would I could do with the writing talents I had. In high school, I sort of put my writing on the backburner and focused on sports I was involved in, including swimming and track. I had also begun to develop a passion for photography and film at this time as well. Once I got to college, I switched majors numerous times as I could not find what I wanted to do. I began taking Electronic Media but felt it was not for me. From there, I switched over to Psychology in the hopes of becoming a counselor to those that had suffered from losing families members like I had. After deciding I did not want to go to school for longer than four years and pursue a doctorate, I looked at computers for a time and picked up some web design skills. Something in me, however, was driving me back to writing.

After doing some research, I met with Dr. Lora Arduser, the head of the Rhetoric and Professional Writing major at UC. I had not even realized this major even existed. As I mentioned above, this major has opened my eyes to opportunities within the writing field I did not know of before and has helped my passion for writing to come back again.

In addition to all of the classes I have taken at UC, I have also joined on to the school newspaper, The News Record, as a contributing writer for the Arts and Life section. I do not know where life will take me from here but I am ready for the ride! Write on!


Aaron G. Doyle Email Mason, Ohio, USA EDUCATION - University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio — Bachelor of Arts – English: Rhetoric and Professional Writing, Class of 2019 - Curriculum Highlights: Web Authoring, Desktop Publishing, Introduction to Rhetoric and Professional Writing, Rhetoric of Social Media

SKILLS - Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office products including Word, PowerPoint and Excel. - Professional and Technical Writing - Creative Writing / Report Writing - Skilled in the use of Adobe Creative Cloud products including Photoshop and InDesign - Proficient Typing Ability - Novice skills with HTML/CSS code for creating websites - Skilled in using WordPress and Weebly for creating websites - Photography/Video Editing

EXPERIENCE THE NEWS RECORD – NOVEMBER 2018-PRESENT - Write articles about latest events and interests within Cincinnati and about life hacks in general

SALES ASSOCIATE; PET PEOPLE — JUNE 2018-PRESENT - Make customers feel welcome by getting to know them and their pets. Assist customers looking for new food for their pets or help answering other general questions about products throughout the store. Other duties include cashier. - Assist with general needs and special projects around the store, including stock replenishment

SALES ASSOCIATE; BED BATH & BEYOND — OCTOBER 2014-JUNE 2018 - Answer customers’ questions about latest products and what would work best to fit their needs & place online orders for customers, in person and over the phone - Assist with general needs and special projects around the store, including stock replenishment

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT WRITER; THE WELLNESS JOURNEY — FEBRUARY 2018-PRESENT *VOLUNTEER POSITION* - Consulted with the owner of the business on brainstorming and writing content for the Facebook company page - Filmed and edited a promotional video for the company; took photos of the company for a promotional Yelp page