Math Appreciation

While dyscalculics get lost in calculations, they can and should acquire an appreciation and love for mathematics.

Use this collection of videos and books to dramatically learn about the language and expression of mathematics.


The Great Math Mystery. Mathematics: queen of the sciences, language of the universe. (PBS, NOVA, 2015)

Algorithms: The Secret Rules of Modern Living by Professor Marcus du Sautoy (Oxford, 2015)

Mysteries of the Mathematical Universe (World Science Festival, 2015)

Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension (PBS) and Fractals the Colors of Infinity

Dimensions - a walk through mathematics (film)

The Code (BBC, 2011)

Algebra and Mathematics. Explained with easy to understand 3D animations. (Eugene Khutoryansky)

TED Talks on Math (a) Math Class Needs a Makeover by Dan Meyer on TED Ed

The Importance of Mathematics a video lecture series by Timothy Gowers

The Story of Maths by the BBC: The Language of the Universe, The Genius of the East, The Frontiers of Space,

To Infinity and Beyond

The Map of Mathematics


Algebra learning resources.


Essential references for students with dyscalculia.

If you are an adult, start reading MATH ON CALL, to catch up on lost knowledge and skills.

Money Teaches Place Value has developed free money lessons for teachers & parents to use with students to teach these concepts: counting, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, negative and positive numbers, rounding, estimation, long division, trading up, and pre-algebra.


Teaching Money PDF (Print, Cut, & Play)