MLD Symptoms

Dyscalculia Symptoms

  1. random number and symbol mixups when reading, thinking, copying, writing, speaking, and remembering
  2. unreliable memory of numbers, math facts, rules, and procedures
  3. exerts inordinate effort, buts gets disappointing results
  4. unable to do mental figuring
  5. uses fingers or marks to calculate
  6. quickly experiences frustration, tears, mind-freeze, distress, anxiety, panic, trauma, and avoidance
  7. struggles with handling money
  8. struggles to make change, figure tax, tips, discounts, and conversions
  9. poor money planning, and management
  10. avoids cash
  11. struggles with telling time, tracking and managing time, and punctuality
  12. experiences directional confusion during math tasks, when navigating inside buildings and across town, and during physical sequences (dance steps, sports, playing music,  playing games, combination lock, following physical directions).
  13. can follow patterns and complete math work, but quickly forgets 
  14. operates from short-term memory, but lacks deep understanding
  15. reasons aloud to keep ideas in mind
  16. has difficulty imagining abstractions, quantities, layouts, clocks, faces, numbers, and figures
  17. difficulty processing more than 4-5 visual items
  18. visual-spatial processing difficulties
  19. experiences brain static with number lines,  equations, large numbers, decimal numbers, graphs and coordinates, clocks, ten frames,   abacuses,  Cuisenaire rods, Unifix Cubes, and linear manipulatives.
  20. needs  small recognizable patterns
  21. struggles with keyboarding,  learning to play an instrument, sight-reading music, cards and Dominos with more than 5 dots
  22. impaired feedback from fingers (finger sense) 
  23. inefficient motor-sequencing
  24.  insufficient working memory for simultaneous processing, compounding task demands, retention of serial information (ex. counting, listening to and following directions, keeping track during  math work)
  25. imperfect sequential memory, especially when distracted, and beyond 5 items