VOICES - NOV. 2018

Age 53: Working adult who is still math phobic. I can add and subtract fine, and simple multiplication and division is okay, but I'm completely lost after that.

Age 39: I cannot ever pass math beyond algebra I because I get confused when I see so many variables and exponents. Everything looks the same to me , therefore I never know what method to use to solve problems. I need help with recognizing operations to use and remembering formulas.

Age 21: I’ve always had trouble with mathematics. Simple math such as adding, subtracting, multiplication... I can do somewhat easily, but algebra and more complex math problems don’t make sense to me, no matter what. I just want to know why I have such difficulty with math. It holds me back quite a bit since I just started my first semester of college.

Age 11: My son is having difficulty understanding and comprehending math. I need help with assisting my son with learning and understanding Math.

Age 6: I am a mother concerned with my son's math abilities. Reversed numbers, difficulty with simple computations. How to teach him simple math concepts?

Age 12: I need a no-cost complete evaluation and diagnosis from a doctor to know what and why her disabilities are.

Age 28: I am a second year master's student in music. I am a singer. While reading vocal music I'm okay, but I can't seem to be able to follow instrumental music. Also, I have a lot of trouble recognizing musical patterns such as musical themes, chords and modulations, or even key signatures, which I have been trying to memorize for years without much success. I need help with Music Theory. I can't seem to apply what I have learned throughout my college career. The information seems scattered in my brain.

Age 20: I can’t understand basic math, no matter how hard I try.

Age 7: Has Developmental Coordination Disorder. Has starting reading more fluently but math is a significant issue that we need help with. We need resources to help us guide her in math. Getting her on the right track.

Age 42: Self referral, struggling to achieve GCSE Maths.

Age 19: I have always struggled with certain things involving numbers and words. I need resources and help to not fail in school.

Age 42: I have extreme confusion and cognitive processing difficulty with numbers. I need help with ALL Math related tasks - Would like to be tested for math learning dissability.

Age 17: I have difficulty reading numbers, almost like they move when I'm trying to read them! Lots of math-based anxiety, I've always struggled with math and numbers. I need help distinguishing numbers.

Age 10: Struggling and falling behind in 5th grade math. I need resources, testing, and tutoring.

Age 14: Math Concepts are like a foreign language for my son, age 14. He just can't understand math. His school keeps moving him along with progressively more difficult concepts yet he can't remember 4x7 and other basic facts. I need help with testing and working with the school district.

Age 8: My child has an IEP in math.

Age 13: I am horrible at math even after hours of studying.

Age 26: I mix up numbers constantly, specifically when it comes to phone numbers.

Age 39: I have problems with anything to do with numbers. Simple everyday math, right or left, the four directions, remembering dates. At school, History was one of my favourite subjects, yet I always had bad grades because I coud not remember the right dates. In my work, I make a lot of mistakes when making appointments with clients. I always get feedback about wrong dates and it is tiring. Yet I know I am pretty smart at other things. I need help with getting the right diagnosis. Is it dyscalculia I have or is it something else? After that, to get help to train myself to better understanding and better especially the areas that I need to use on my job.

Age 17: I have always had difficulty processing and understanding math, despite being quite successful in all my other subjects. I find that I am much slower at basic math tasks in comparison to others around me, perhaps abnormally slower.

Adult: I can never seem to understand what I learn in that class. It is my weakest subject in school. I can never seem to focus.

Age 17: Unable to understand math. Need testing for learning disability.

Age 17: I'm trying to figure out why math is so hard for me. Is it dyscalculia?

Age 16: I have had problems with math since I was young, I have problems with reading as well. I’ve had to work really hard to learn math. I need help with mental math.

Age 9: I am a teacher. I need help reaching a student very unresponsive to math instruction! How can I help my student?

Age 10: Child showing difficulties understanding math steps. Can't recall of math facts and math operations.

Age 15: Can’t do simple math problems. Multiplication and division are always a major concern. Anxiety and panic are always problems when doing math problems. Need help with figuring out how to understand multiplication and division, and not panic and have severe anxiety when doing math tasks.

Age 50: I'm an older student taking statistics for psychology and I invert numbers consistently. I need help with Psychological Statistics.

Age 8: Struggles with math, has dyslexia. Is this dyscalculia?

Age 18: I'm wonder if this is why I've failed every math test I've ever taken.

Age 30: I am master student and I am doing this checlist for myself. Actually I want to learn my possibility that I have dyscalculia and as to whether I need to take professional consultation about it. I struggle with math and wonder if anything can help me.

Age 7: Teacher of subject, seeing foundation gaps in number knowledge. I need help with identification and strategies to support the learner.


Age 9: My 3rd Grader has trouble with math, reading, and penmanship.

Age 27: I think I have dyscalculia. I'm in a creative profession where I can get by with tricks to avoid math - but it has affected my life! I guess I'm just looking for validation that I'm not lazy or stupid or insensitively late on purpose.

Age 7: My daughter is in speech therapy and has been starting to have issues with subtraction and math. She cannot remember names or tell time and are concerned.

Age 25: I want to be a computer programmer, and I understand most things, but there is no reason I should be struggling just to comprehend the basics. I have to take so many breaks because my mind can’t grasp what I’m being taught. I need help with focusing and piecing together information.

Age 42: I can't grasp complex mental math such as in pre-algebra, algebra, and statistics. I need help with possible diagnosis of dyscalculia; I cannot earn my college degree if I can't pass the math courses and I'm not grasping the concepts.

Age 15: i've always had an extremely hard time learning math.

Age 16: I have always struggled with math and it never fully makes sense to me. The numbers get all jumbled up in my head. I need help with keeping my grade up and becoming quicker. in Algebra ll.

Age 43: I have trouble with almost everything on this checklist! I need help with everyday tasks, like driving directions.

Age 7: Student struggles with basic addition facts, place value, and understanding that 10 one blocks equals 1 ten rod. Help me help this student succeed and how to know if this child does have dyscalculia.

Age 14: Fractions, angles, division, decimals, place values, geometry, mental math, and not using fingers to count.

Age 14: Student has dyslexia, but maybe dyscalculia, also.

Age 12: My son struggles greatly in math. He does not seem to get the concepts and won't even watch as we try to show him how to do things. His teachers say he is distracted quite a bit as well. He is significantly dyslexic and I'm thinking he has dyscalculia. I need help with tools to help him so he does not struggle so much in class. He has extra time and is in a small class with math support. I may need to get this diagnosed formally as I'm worried about high school and college. I saw some of the accommodations listed on the first page - that would be helpful for him as I can't see him passing a college math class.

Age 70: I get appointments, dates, and times mixed up, and I have trouble budgeting. Always carried a C- in math. Did better in algebra, figured it was due to letters being involved. How can I focus?

Age 39: Math anxiety and failures. I need a diagnosis.

Age 40: I always have struggled with math and felt alone

Age 8: My student struggles with basic mathematical operations; he still counts with his fingers, and confuses addition and subtraction symbols. I need resources to help him improve.

Age 12: Difficulty with word problems and calculation.

Adult: I am a Math Tutor at .... in ....North Carolina trying to teach math to a very high functioning stroke victim. My student struggles with retention and reading instructions on problems but knows his multiplication and division table extremely well. I need a different approach to teaching methods vs. the standard adult education curriculums.

Age 17: I am not good at anything math. I need help with anything to do with math , like some subjects also have math in them.

Age 28: I've always struggled with math, cried doing math homework , etc. Just trying to figure out if this is what i've had my whole life.

Age 26: Bad at math, forgetful, frequently knock items over due to inability to judge distances :( . I need help with Improvement of quality of life, coping mechanisms.