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Workshop Description:

This workshop will focus on key elements that should be present in a math classroom to ensure that:

   þ  students are developing mathematical thinking skills, and the teacher is not merely  attempting to transmit mathematical knowledge to them; 

   þ  the processes that are involved in mathematical thought are present in the classroom activities; 

   þ  there are explicit practices present in the classroom that indicate children are integrating the language, concepts and procedures of math; 

   þ  the needs of different learning personalities of children are being met in the classroom; 

   þ  the mathematical models (concrete and abstract) being used are exact, efficient and elegant in transmitting, discovering and integrating mathematical processes and procedures. 

About the Presenter:

Professor Mahesh Sharma is the former President and Professor of Mathematics Education at Cambridge College. He is the founder and President of the Center for Teaching/Learning of Mathematics, Inc., of Wellesley, Massachusetts. Berkshire Mathematics in Reading, England was founded to facilitate his work in UK and Europe. Internationally known for his groundbreaking work in mathematics education, he is an author, teacher and teacher-trainer, researcher, consultant to public and private schools, as well as a public lecturer. He is the Chief Editor and Publisher of Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics, an international, interdisciplinary, research mathematics journal with readership in more than 90 countries, and is the Editor of The Math Notebook, a practical source of information for parents and teachers devoted to improving teaching and learning for all children.  

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Presenter Contact Information:

Mahesh C. Sharma: Mahesh@mathematicsforall.org


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©1995-2008  Mahesh C. Sharma  All rights reserved.