Our brain grows when we create mental maps, it shrinks when we rely on GPS! Read this article:

Spatial Orientation and the Brain: The Effects of Map Reading and Navigation (March 2013) 

Body Compass for iPhone by Vassilios Pantazopoulos. Allows users to sense direction by training the brain. The mobile device emits a sound or vibration each time the owner is pointing north.

Memory Trainer Plus by Urbian for Android. Exercises: spatial orientation, sequencing, visualization, working memory.

P.O.V. Spatial Skills Reason Development by BinaryLabs for Apple. Improves spatial reasoning and tracks progress.

MatrixMatch2 by for Apple. MatrixMatch helps develop visual perception skills such as visual discrimination. It also helps develop attention and concentration, spatial orientation and principles of classification and categorization. Furthermore, it helps develop executive functions such as planning and perseverance. 

Lumosity Brain Training Games by Exercises to improve spatial orientation, sense of direction, visualization, map reading, memory, speed, problem solving attention. Tracks progress. Based in neuroscience. 

Slice & Splice by Roman Timurson for Apple. Exercises in spatial orientation to solve visual puzzles by slicing up geometric pieces on the bottom of the screen to assemble them into a specific shape at the top of the screen. 

LetsTans by Grabarchuk Puzzles for Apple. Flip and rotate the 7 colorful tangram shapes to form the puzzle outlined. 

Jigsaw Box by Sparkle Apps for Apple. Beautiful jigsaw puzzles or create your own from photos. Flip and rotate pieces.

HopStop by for Android and Apple. Public transit navigation for the directionally challenged for cities in USA, Canada and Europe. Directions, taxi, bike, subway, walk, stations, schedules, maps, save locations, estimates time, cost and calories burned, share. 

Tunnel Trouble by BusyThings for Apple. Teaches the very young to choose a tunnel path.