Language of Math

Lessons on Number Prefixes and Number Notes

The Academic Language of Mathematics

The Grammar of Math Language

A nice overview of numeration & math language by Dr. Steve Chrisomalis, a linguistic anthropologist at Wayne State University-Detroit:

Numerals & Numeration:

Number Prefixes: (Greek and Latin)

Videos on Math Language

Also, see Math Appreciation.

Stop Teaching Calculating, Start Learning Math! - by Conrad Wolfram

Mathematics, the Language of the Universe

Making Sense of Math by Greg Tang (TEDx Talk)

Math Isn't Hard, It's a Language (TED Talk) by Synergy Academies Founder Dr. Randy Palisoc

Mathematics, Language, and Abstract Objects by Noam Chomsky

Math and the Rise of Civilization

The Map of Mathematics

The 5 Parts of Mathematical Speech (The Math and Language Connection)

How The Chinese Language Makes Math Easier - Linguistic Analysis - by Jerry Liu

How to Make Math Meaningful - Dor Abrahamson, University of California-Berkeley