Number Sense

Test your number sense with these tools, and improve it with these games:

(1) Johns Hopkins University:  Test of Number Sense (Flash required)

     Articles:  NYT  (2008)  Gut Instinct's Surprising Role in Math 

                    NATURE (10/2/08).  Individual differences in non-verbal number acuity 

                                                   correlate with maths achievement

                    National Academy of Sciences USA. (4/30/12):  Number Sense Across the Lifespan...

                    Meet the Number Sense researchers at Johns Hopkins University

(2) Panamath. Test of Number Sense

      Podcast: NATURE magazine Podcast with Justin Halberda (Sept, 11, 2008) 

(3) Number Sense

       Articles:  Scientific American (1/9/13).  Numbers Games Devised to Aid People with "Dyscalculia"

                      THE NEW YORKER (3/3/08).  Numbers Guy.  Are our brains wired for math

                      Discover Magazine (July/Aug. 2013).  How can a smart kid be so bad at math?

                      Smithsonian Magazine (1/11/13)  Dyscalculia, Like Dyslexia for Numbers

                                                                         Could Explain Why you Suck at Math


(4) Developing Number Sense:  Games that help.