Home-School HIGH SCHOOL MATH includes

unlimited access to 4 math classes:

Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Pre-calculus.

$15./mo. or $150./year.

Plato Software for Home through EdOptions Academy.

Plato Learning is owned by EdMentum:

[products & services, accredited virtual classes, EdOptions Courses,

for demo contact: Ulaine Holliday or (952) 832-1422].

Plato Software Geometry Example.


Essential references for students with dyscalculia.

If you are an adult, start reading MATH ON CALL (Amazon), to catch up on lost knowledge and skills.

Get these books: Geometry to Go, Algebra to Go, and Math on Call. Keep these handbooks handy to look up forgotten concepts.

Read them for fun, to know what they contain and to find things quickly.

Math Upgrade / Learning Upgrade ~ Online Lessons:

Image of a Pre-algebra lesson on quadratic equations on a graph from the Math Upgrade program.
Math Upgrade lesson image on graph coordinates.
Learning Upgrade Circle Lesson image for radius.
Math Upgrade triangle lesson image.

Encourage your school to get the Free Learning Upgrade Summer School

program for its students.

Get a home free trial course!

There is geometry content in each course level.

See the common core content guide for each course.

Image of progress map for 60 lessons in a Math Upgrade course.
Kidspiration Menu
Mapping activity in Kidspiration Math.
Symmetry Activity in Kidspiration Math.
ModMath app onscreen math app for basic to algebra work.

GeoGebra Online Tool and App

GeoGebra 3-d Geometry Image.

Virtual Math Manipulatives (National Library from Utah State Univ.)

The image below shows just a few of the hundreds of virtual manipulatives for learning geometry. Tools are categorized by grade, K-12.

Other math subjects with tools:

Number & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis and Probability.

Just a few of the hundreds of virtual math manipulatives for geometry, covering skills in grades K through 12 from the National Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives from Utah State University.

ALEKS.COM offers accredited, online, courses:

homeschool review of ALEKS

Middle School Geometry

High School Geometry.

See a school's ALEKS Geometry course.

ALEKS geometry image showing movable onscreen ruler.
Progress Pie for ALEKS online class.
KAHN Academy geometry lesson image.