Annie Shan

Annie Shan presenting at the 2023 7th International Young Researchers Conference in Tokyo, Japan. Source

Annie Shan is a high school intern in New York. Annie is from NE China and has been in the USA since 2021. 

Annie is working on survey design, data analysis, and data visualization. 

Read Annie's article on Gender Differences in STEM Fields.

Annie will also compare and contrast education and childhood in the US and China. 

She will create and manage social media posts to increase awareness of dyscalculia and to engage people in discussions about math learning difficulties and practical solutions. 

Annie will also interview and write features on successful individuals with dyscalculia.

Annie has an excellent command of English, Mandarin, and mathematics through calculus. She is interested in learning disabilities and developmental and educational psychology. 

In 2023, Annie was a research seminar participant and team lead under Professor Dénes Szűcs at the University of Cambridge, UK. The research covered memory formation, language acquisition, math anxiety, developmental dyscalculia, and the relationship between secondary students' self-efficacy and math achievement. 

In 2022-23, Annie assisted Professor Chuan Jian-Zhong at Binghamton University-SUNY. Annie generated the simulation data of nanosensor reactions to lung cancer biomarkers using Excel spreadsheets, conducted data analysis using R and Python, and visualized the results.

In 2022-23, Annie was an assistant researcher of mental health and cognition in older adults under Dr. Shuquan Chen at Columbia University Teachers College. At the 2023 Terra NYC STEM Fair, Annie won 2nd Place in the Behavioral and Social Sciences category, and Annie presented her research findings at the 7th International Young Researchers Conference in Tokyo, Japan

Annie is an accomplished young woman with enthusiasm, intelligence, advanced academic skills, persistence, discipline, and a unique life experience. 

We are thrilled and grateful to have Annie Shan on board! 

Welcome, Annie! 

Annie can be reached at