Laura Manis

Communications Intern

Laura Manis, New Jersey

Communications Intern



Dyscalculia Support Group Facilitator

Laura will share her personal experience with dyscalculia, and her insight and skills to manage a dyscalculia support group, and to create informative videos, articles, and social media posts. 

Dyscalculia made her stronger, shaped her character, and inspired Laura to help others triumph over learning challenges.

Laura was awarded a Diplomat Leadership Scholarship in college. She is studying liberal arts in preparation for a writing career. 

Laura is a professional note-taker for students with IEPs and is a mentor in the Turning Point Program, where she helps individuals with learning disabilities achieve academic and personal milestones.

Laura is the copy editor of her college newspaper, serves as an editorial intern for a female empowerment magazine, and is a social media content and blogging intern for a game company.

Welcome, Laura! 

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