1. 10 Digits and Uni [1] and Dec [10]



  4. Splitting Fractions - CHART

  5. Fold Paper, Split Fractions, Add Coins


  7. Hard and Soft C and G

  8. decade vs decimal

  9. Decalogue: The 10 Commandments that God gave to the Jewish (Hebrew) patriarch, Moses, on top of Mt. Siani as written in the Book of Exodus, Chapter 19, in the Torah (the Christian Bible's Old Testament). Decalogue Pictures. Exodus means to exit or go out.

  10. Writing Apps & Starfall

  11. Geography, Time, and Directionality (Get the Tic Toc Time app)

  12. Leonardo DaVinci wrote backward

  13. Dysgraphia: make letters and numbers on the wall with a laser pointer while explaining how to form the character. Also, make the characters in a tray filled with glitter/salt/flour/pudding/tempera paint. Work on 5, S, 6, 2, 9... "FIve starts far in the NorthEast, goes straight to the West, then down South, then around to the East in a half-circle that stops SouthWest. That makes 5."

  14. Handwriting Help from an OT

  15. Raised-line Paper and Pencil Grips

  16. Fossil News

  17. ScienceMag: Paleontology News

  18. Science Daily: Paleontology News

  19. Sci-News Paleontology

  20. How to become a Paleontologist

  21. Mary Anning - First Female Paleontologist

  22. Chinese were first to America 3.300 years ago, and before Columbus.

  23. Why is it called America?

  24. A comparison of the 4 Olympic Throwing Events

  25. Throwing Sport of the Gods

  26. Origins of Patriarchy: Bible story of Adam and Eve in Genesis where God creates the first humans: first a man named, Adam, then a woman from a rib taken out of Adam, and Eve is to be Adam's helpmate. Read original text. "Patriarchs" mentioned in the Bible.

  27. International Math Smarts by Country

  28. World Population

  29. One million minus a dollar is 999,999.