Efficient learning hinges on essential skills. Use these apps and tools daily to develop key skills.

(1) Visual-Spatial Awareness, Perception, Reasoning, & Orientation

(a) Play SHAKE THE STATES (iPad & iPhone)

(b) Play with Tangoes (2-players race to make objects with Tangrams

(c) Play with Tangram Apps.

(d) World Puzzle Game & What is there? Geography game

(e) Use Google Maps and Google Earth to navigate and explore.

(f) Learn about shapes and relationships at

(2) Sequencing, Positioning, Pattern Recognition

(a) Visual Perception & Sound Discrimination Bundle

(b) Montessori Bundle: Counting, Number Sequencing, Skip Counting, Roman Numerals, 100s Chart+

(c) Number Sequencing & Skip Counting app

(d) Chalk School apps: Alphabetical Order, Skip Counting, & Shapes

(e) Number Sequencing game (iPad): customizable patterns, small to large numbers

(f) Dice Apps: Number Dasher (put in order); Dice Math; Dice Fractions; Match Sums

(g) Dominoes: Dot Pattern Recognition; Dot:# Match; Add/Subtract; Dot Sums/# Match; +-x/Bundle!

(h) Learn the Decimal System / Place Value with Money

(3) Auditory, Sound Discrimination, and Processing

(a) Phonetic Birds - Practice distinguishing sounds: pitch, loudness, sound matching.

(b) Listen Hear 1-5: Phonetic Discrimination & Numbers

(c) Fast ForWord: proven remedial software for Auditory Processing Disorder & Reading.

Free 4-month Trial for Schools: Fast ForWord, Reading Assistant, Build English Fast (ELL).

(4) Symbols - Recognition & Writing: Letters, Numbers, Shapes

(a) Fun with Math app: Game for > < =, comparison, skip counting

(b) KidsDoodle app: a fun neon backboard writing & drawing environment; records a screen movie for playback.

(c) My-Blackboard app by AKRIO: with sound, colored chalk. Backgrounds: blank, math, grid, music, lines, sports.

(d) Cool Kids Math Games app: Trace & Write Numbers

(e) Writing app bundle: Trace & write letters, numbers, shapes, mazes, & games.

(f) Math Symbols app: a game to learn common symbols for math operations

(g) Math Symbols & Terms app: Basic to College Levels

(h) Stop Letter Reversals w/ LetterReflex app

(5) Math Language Development

(a) Read these Math Handbooks and Use these Remedial Programs

(b) Math Vocabulary App bundle: Grades 1-3

(c) Math Slinger app: practice the vocab of math operations (sum, difference, product, quotient...)

(d) Math Vocabulary Cards K-5 (iPad)

(e) Mathletics Dictionary Illustrated, animated math terms and concepts.

(f) Number Prefixes: Metric, Greek, Latin, Binary (Milli to Giga)

(g) Illustrated Math Language Lessons by

(h) MemBean Word Tree List: Ex. uni-, mono-, bi-, tri-, cent, , sub, multi, fact, poly.

(6) Counting & Addition

(a) The Power of 2! app: play to quickly learn the sum of any number doubled.

(b) Use Money to count from 1 cent to Quadrillions. Teaching Money PDF & Money Teaches Math 2 PDF.

(c) Skip Counting by HAVOC (skip counting is multiplication)

(7) Onscreen tools for doing math work in a digital environment

(a) iPad with Apple Pencil support

(b) Microsoft OneNote with Mathematics Add-on & Ink to Shapes and Ink to Math

(d) Panther MathPaper

(c) ModMath is a free app to help people with dyslexia and dyscalculia do math onscreen using drag and drop.

(e) Kidspiration (K-8) & Inspiration (Grades 7+): Drag & drop math manipulatives, money, mind maps, timelines.

(d) NumBlox virtual rods and cube blocks for math reasoning, write on screen, drag & drop rods on graph paper.

(f) Search Visual Math apps for your device.

(8) Reading (Decoding) and Spelling (Encoding)

(a) Abby Phonics bundle (600 words) Grades K-4

(b) Spelling Phonetically w/ Simplex Spelling bundle

(c) Orton-Gillingham: 80 Phonograms; 74 Phonograms by Logic of English

(d) See associated word trees: prefixes, roots, suffixes. Nom (name) example.

Games created to remediate Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, & Dysgraphia appear below:


(a) The Number Race & The Number Catcher (Numeration & Basic Operations)

(b) Number Sense (Dyscalculia - Dr. Brian Butterworth)

(c) More 4 Monkey: Develop Number Sense (based on research at Johns Hopkins University)

(d) KarisMath (Visual Math- basic to Algebra)

(f) Reflex Math (Math Fact Automaticity)

(g) Learning Upgrade / Math Upgrade (Multisensory, sequenced, online math, gr. 1-8, Algebra)


(a) Reading Upgrade: Memorable songs and video animations teach reading skills.

(b) Syllable Type Sort (Open, Closed, Magic -e, R-controlled)

(c) - Brain Training Games improve memory, attention, speed, problem solving.


(a) Dysgraphia Toolkit by Dr. Linda Silbert

(b) Dysgraphia APPS: AT for handwriting disorders, reviewed by NCLD