Efficient learning hinges on essential skills. Use these apps and tools daily to develop key skills.

(1) Visual-Spatial Awareness, Perception, Reasoning, & Orientation

(2) Time, Clocks, Directions, Compass, Directionality

(3) Sequencing, Positioning, Pattern Recognition

Search app store for:

    • Visual Perception & Sound Discrimination Bundle

    • Montessori Bundle: Counting, Number Sequencing, Skip Counting, Roman Numerals, 100s Chart+

    • Number Sequencing & Skip Counting app

    • Chalk School apps: Alphabetical Order, Skip Counting, & Shapes

    • Number Sequencing game (iPad): customizable patterns, small to large numbers

    • Dice Apps: Number Dasher (put in order); Dice Math; Dice Fractions; Match Sums

    • Dominoes: Dot Pattern Recognition; Dot:# Match; Add/Subtract; Dot Sums/# Match; +-x/Bundle!

    • Learn the Decimal System / Place Value with Money


    • Math Antics

(4) Auditory, Sound Discrimination, and Processing

    • Phonetic Birds - Practice distinguishing sounds: pitch, loudness, sound matching.

    • Listen Hear 1-5: Phonetic Discrimination & Numbers

    • Fast ForWord: proven remedial software for Auditory Processing Disorder & Reading. Free 4-month Trial for Schools: Fast ForWord, Reading Assistant, Build English Fast (ELL).

    • Minimal Pair Pack App

    • Phonological Processes

(5) Symbols - Recognition & Writing: Letters, Numbers, Shapes

    • Fun with Math app: Game for > < =, comparison, skip counting

    • KidsDoodle app: a fun neon backboard writing & drawing environment; records a screen movie for playback.

    • My-Blackboard app by AKRIO: with sound, colored chalk. Backgrounds: blank, math, grid, music, lines, sports.

    • Cool Kids Math Games app: Trace & Write Numbers

    • Writing app bundle: Trace & write letters, numbers, shapes, mazes, & games.

    • Math Symbols app: a game to learn common symbols for math operations

    • Math Symbols & Terms app: Basic to College Levels

    • Stop Letter Reversals w/ LetterReflex app

(6) Math Language Development

(7) Counting & Addition

(8) Onscreen tools for doing math work in a digital environment

(9) Reading (Decoding) and Spelling (Encoding)

    • Search App Store for: sight words, vowels, consonants, syllables, dyslexia, spelling

    • Spelling Phonetically w/ Simplex Spelling bundle

    • Orton-Gillingham: 80 Phonograms; 74 Phonograms by Logic of English

    • See associated word trees: prefixes, roots, suffixes. Nom (name) example.

Games to remediate Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, & Dysgraphia



    • Reading Upgrade: Memorable songs and video animations teach reading skills.

    • Search for Orton-Gillingham, Phonics, Dyslexia

    • - Brain Training Games improve memory, attention, speed, problem solving.