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Renee Newman, M.Ed., M.S., Educational Diagnostician, Dyscalculia Consultant

Renee M. Newman, M.Ed., M.S.-Sp.Ed., Distance Ed. Cert. Dyscalculia.org Founder & President, Educational Diagnostician & Therapist - Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, & Dysgraphia: renee@dyscalculia.org

Professor Mahesh Sharma, Dyscalculia Expert

Mahesh Sharma, Professor | Dyscalculia Expert and Dyscalculia Journal Publisher

Journals: The Math Notebook, and Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics

Dyscalculia Remediation Expert: Get Results; Lesson Plan; Lesson Critique

Center for Teaching & Learning Mathematics and Berkshire Math (England)


Shad Moarif, Ph.D., Dyscalculia Expert, Karismath

Shad Moarif, Ph.D. (Harvard), Psychologist | Dyscalculia Expert

KarisMath: Math Made Visible - K-8 Math Video Channel


Dr. Katherine A. Abbott, Pediatrician,Screening for Learning Disorders

Dr. Katherine A. Abbott, MD, Pediatrician

Consultant on learning disorders and conditions affecting performance - birth to age 20.


Samira Guyot, Education Lawyer, Instructional Designer

Samira Guyot, J.D., Chief Attorney - Education Law

Instructional Designer; Columbia University - Teacher's College


Christine Kapsos, Education Lawyer

Christine Kapsos, J.D., Education Lawyer

Kapsos Law


Ethel Eaady Thomas, College Compliance Advocate

Ethel Eaady Thomas, M.S., Higher Ed Compliance Advocate


Rod Coffee, Sports Writer, Communications Director

Rodrick Coffee, Director of Communications

Sports and Feature Writer


Cheryl Musick, Author, Equine Therapist, Addiction Consultant

Cheryl Hughes Musick, Award-winning Author, The Day the Musick Died

Equine Therapist;Consultant: Grief, Eating Disorders, and Addiction

musick@dyscalculia.org | HouseOfMusick.com

Jeanette Villa Gomez, MSW, Art Therapist

Jeanette Villagomez, Master Social Worker, Montessori - CECT

M.Ed.-Art Therapy; Specialist Certifications: Bilingual Ed, Curriculum & Instruction


Dannelle Wilson Howard

Dannelle Wilson-Howard

Dyscalculia.org Facebook Page Creator, 2018


General Help: help@dyscalculia.org

LD Testing: testing@dyscalculia.org

Webmaster: webmaster@dyscalculia.org


College Student Representative

Kendal, age 20 - Seattle, Washington - Kendal's Blog | Kendal.Writes@dyscalculia.org


Jimena Cantu, Mexico, mexmath@dyscalculia.org

Priscilla Talavera, Psychologist specialist in learning disorders - Peru: priscilla@dyscalculia.org